• Rod Kackley

He Chooses Prison

Robert Francis Krebs will surely die in prison.

That’s the way he wants it. The 82-year-old man, who spent more than 30 years in prison for a 1981 bank robbery in Florida, has been sentenced to a maximum of 25-years behind bars for the January 2018 holdup at an Arizona credit union.

When Krebs held up that bank in Florida all those years ago, he wore a wig, had cotton in his cheeks, and had even varnished his fingers, hoping he wouldn’t leave any fingerprints.

But this time, in Arizona, Krebs left the lid on the varnish can.

He didn’t wear a wig. No attempt at disguise. You see, Robert Francis Krebs didn’t care about the money.

Krebs was indeed having trouble making ends meet on his Social Security check.

But, Krebs told the FBI he wanted to get caught because life outside prison has proven to be so difficult. So in a way, he’s just going back home.

One more note: Krebs is old, much older than the average bank robber who is usually not 30 years of age. But he is not the oldest person to rob a bank in America.

That honor goes to J.L. Hunter Rountree. His friends called him “Red.”

Red started robbing banks when he was in his mid-80s because a bank had foreclosed on his business. He pulled off his last bank, heist at the age of 91.

Red died in prison, less than one year later.

One woman. One gun. Some cement. A chain saw. Two dead men.

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