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Grumpy Old Man Takes Fight To The Grave

This story doesn’t fit with what I usually include in my blog posts. But, this is a story that was just too good to pass up. I felt like I had to tell you about it.

Here we go:

In Arkansas, a farmer, 78-year-old Joseph Stroud, is accused of leaving dead animals on top of the grave of a guy he spent his life fighting, Fred McKinney.

And, Joseph (pictured above) didn’t just leave the bloody carcasses of possums and other critters on Fred’s grave. Joseph wore a disguise every time he did it, dressing up as a woman.

Fred’s granddaughter, Shanon Nobles, spotted the dead animals back in May. She called the cops in July and set up hidden security cameras around Fred’s grave.

Sure enough, the cameras recorded a person getting out of a gray Dodge Journey, walking up to Fred’s final resting place, and putting a dead animal on the headstone.

The person wearing a woman’s wig, windbreaker, and sunglasses, after depositing the bloody animal remains, would get back in the Dodge and drive away.

Shannon told police that her grandfather and Joseph never got along in life. There was even a lawsuit filed in court, a case that she believes Joseph lost.

Well, Joseph denies ever putting a dead animal anywhere close to Fred’s grave. But, police did find a bloody towel in the backseat of his Dodge Journey. So, he’s been charged with defacing objects of public respect.

No body. No witnesses. A suspect who is 700 miles away when the crime is committed. This is a case that has “cold” written all over it. But two cops and a mother refuse to stop searching for answers, and a body. They’ll never forgive nor ever forget.

Never Forgive, Never Forget: A Shocking True Crime Story is available wherever you buy books.

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