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Golden State Killer Cops Plea, Avoids Needle

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., the guy who earned the nickname "Golden State Killer," by terrorizing the San Francisco area in the 1970s and '80s, will take a plea deal. DeAngelo promises prosecutors that he'll plead guilty to dozens of criminal charges, including murder and kidnapping.

In return, DeAngelo will spend the rest of his days in prison, instead of going to Death Row and a final appointment with the needle that would end his life.

At least that is what some relatives of at least two of his victims are telling California media.

The Sacramento Bee says DeAngelo will appear before a judge on June 29 and perform his elocution, admitting guilt.

Lawyers in the case tell the Bee DeAngelo will cop to at least 88 murder, rape, and other charges to avoid the death penalty.

Prosecutors in four California counties will also have to agree to the plea bargain.

DeAngelo, a 72-year-old former police officer, was busted in April 2018 thanks to a DNA match. He'd been the subject of intense surveillance for some time while living on a quiet street in Citrus Heights, a relatively small town in Sacramento County, California.

Detectives grabbed a couple of things DeAngelo tossed away in the trash to get samples of his DNA. Once the match was made in a lab, detectives swooped in and busted DeAngelo outside his home.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said at the time that DeAngelo was "very surprised" to find himself in handcuffs all these years after committing these heinous crimes.

Here's one usual problem that California officials will face. They will need to find a venue big enough to allow hundreds of victims, their relatives, and media from around the world to attend the Golden State Killer's hearing.

Remember, this space has to be big enough to hold an enormous audience, and at the same time, allow each of those in attendance to social distance.

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