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Free At Last, But She'll Do Fifty Years In Prison, A Shocking True Crime Story

Charisse Stinson says she is finally free at last, at least emotionally.

The twenty-three-year-old from Florida admits now that a stranger did not kidnap her two-year-old boy.


The kid was not abducted by a man who gave Charisse a ride, then attacked her and stole her little boy.

Charisse admitted October 13 that she killed little Jordan Belliveau.

Because Charisse pled guilty, the first-degree murder charge that was filed against her was dropped to second-degree. So, instead of doing life, Charisse will only do fifty years in prison.

It was quite a story that Charisse told the Largo Police Department in 2018. She played the role of a frantic mother, saying a man with gold teeth and dreadlocks had taken her baby boy.

Charisse told Largo police officers that she’d accepted a ride from the man. But somewhere along their journey, he punched her in the stomach so hard so lost consciousness.

When she awoke, Charisse said she was lying on the ground in a public park, and Jordan was nowhere to be seen.

Guess what really happened.

Charisse says now that she was angry with the little boy. She gave him the back of her hand across his face. The impact was hard enough to knock Jordan’s head into a wall.

Jordan suffered seizures that night. Charisse never sought medical assistance. Instead, her baby boy died, and she hid the body in the woods behind their home.

Now, she’s going to prison for a long time. Believe it or not, Charisse says this has made her a better person. Really.

“Now, I’m free mentally. I may not be free physically, but I want my mom to know that I am free mentally,” Charisse told the judge before being sentenced.

“I am not in bondage anymore, and that is a gift that God has given me,” Charisse said.

Then, she thanked little Jordan Belliveau, too, for her mental freedom.

What’s Jordan’s father think of this? He’s angry. Jordan Belliveau Sr. says that a fifty-year prison sentence isn’t right.

“I’m not nobody’s creator,” Jordan Sr. told the Tampa Bay Times. “I can’t say when somebody dies. But that’s what I would have liked.”

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