• Rod Kackley

Former Youth Pastor Looking For Hitman! Shocking True Crime Story

Jacob Malone is a former youth pastor, looking at doing the next 3-to-6-years of his life in the minimum-security Laurel Highlands Pennsylvania state prison. For some reason, he tells a state police trooper he “wants to get revenge” on the people involved in his case.

To say he wants “revenge” is putting it mildly. Malone wants them dead— the head pastor of his church who reported the rape and the judge who sent him to prison.

Malone, 37, is doing time after being convicted of sexually assaulting and impregnating a teenage girl in Chester County, Penn.

State Trooper Patrick Hauser tells Malone he “should just put it behind him.” But his advice is ignored.

Malone moves forward with the plot. He tells a fellow inmate, he’d pay $5,000 for the murder of the head pastor of his church, Harold Lee Wiggins and Common Pleas Judge Jacqueline Cody.

Actually, Malone does more than ask for a double-murder.

In another of his legion of errors of judgment, Malone writes the offer down on paper and mails it to the inmate, who turns the letter over to a Chester County detective.

Now, Malone, a convicted rapist, faces several charges in connection to the alleged murder-for-hire plot, and plenty more years in prison.

A thirteen-year-old girl is kidnapped, ripped from the arms of her murdered mother by a man who fantasized about someday abducting a girl, any girl, and making her his own.

Living under a bed for most of her eighty-eight days of captivity, the girl never gives up hope.

Then one day, left alone, she seizes her opportunity and runs to freedom.

Can her life ever be the same again?

88 Days: The Abduction of Jayme Closs is the most compelling, shocking true crime story you’ve ever read.

Previously published as part of a short story collection titled Kalamazoo’s Suitcase Killer, author Rod Kackley has republished this amazing true crime story as its own book, and packed it with new information.

88 Days: The Abduction of Jayme Closs is more than a shocking true crime story; it’s a thrilling story of survival, justice, and above all, hope.

88 Days: The Abduction of Jayme Closs is available wherever you buy books, including Rod Kackley's Crime Stories Bookstore.

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