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Fear City: Top True Crime Doc

Let me be upfront about "Fear City," the Netflix crime documentary that focuses on how the Mob ran NYC in the 1960s and 70s. You've seen it all before.

But this doc is still worth watching because it explores a couple of new angles.

Alright. It features the same retired FBI agents and ex-Mafioso soldiers (Good Lord how these people have aged) that you've seen in all the other Mafia documentaries.

And they tell many of the same stories.

Still, two new angles explored by "Fear City" that are worth your time:

1. Neither side, the FBI nor the Mafia, really understood the RICO statute until a college professor took the time to sit down and explain it to law enforcement. You'll be amazed at the learning curves faced by both sides. You'll also be shocked to learn how long it took for the FBI to figure out how to use RICO to go after the Mob.

2. "Fear City" drives home the point that in the 60s and 70s, if you were buying clothes that came through the NYC Garment District, or if, let's say your cable TV provider was based in Manhattan; there should have been a "Mafia Surcharge" listed on your bill because you were paying extra so the Mafia could get its slice of every pie served in NYC. As a matter of fact, no matter what you were buying — if a company in NYC was involved — the price was higher than it would have been without the Mafia.

Remember, every company in NYC had to have its garbage collected, right? And how do you think was running that racket? Dealing with the Mob was just part of doing business in NYC.

"Fear City" will also leave you to wonder; what would this world be like if the FBI hadn't used the RICO statute? And, you know that there will always be people running crime, right? So who's running things now?

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