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El Salvadoran Killing Field Contains Dozens of Bodies: A Shocking True Crime Story

Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chavez admitted killing a woman and her daughter after being arrested in early May 2021.

However, that’s just the tiny tip of a bloody iceberg discovered in El Salvador.

Osorio Chavez, a 51-year-old former police officer, was under investigation for sex crimes. That’s what led to his confession and arrest for the double murder.

But a search of Osorio Chavez’s home in Chalchuapa, about 48 miles northwest of the country’s capital city of San Salvador, revealed eight pits containing corpses.

So far, the remains of 40 people have been unearthed. And, there could be at least 40 more yet to be discovered.

Most of the victims are believed to be women.

“The central axis of the investigation is sexual violence,” Graciela Sagastume, the prosecutor leading the investigation, told reporters.

Some of the bodies were buried at least two years ago, according to forensic investigators.

Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, director of El Salvador’s national civil police, said Osorio Chavez didn’t act alone.

Police are looking for nine other suspects, described by Chicas as former police officers and soldiers, as well as people smugglers. All were engaged in luring people to their deaths and their final resting places in Osorio Chavez’s killing field.

The investigation continues, as does the search for bodies on the property.

While police and forensic teams do their work, dozens of people stand outside the house waiting to find out a missing relative’s name will be added to the victims’ list.

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