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Doppelgänger Killer To Die In Minnesota, The End of A Shocking True Crime Story

Lois Riess, the infamous “Doppelgänger Killer” profiled in “Her Own Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story, is going to spend every day she has left inside a Minnesota prison.

After that, she will serve another life sentence in Florida.

That’s the deal agreed to by Florida and Minnesota prosecutors.

Lois pled guilty in August to a first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of her husband, David. That bloody crime occurred in the couples’ Blooming Prairie home.

After dragging David’s lifeless body into the bathroom, Lois grabbed her keys and hit the road.

Lois wound up in Florida, where she came upon a woman who bore a surprising resemblance to herself, killed her dead, stole her ID and car, and hit the road.

Instead of taking a chance on getting the needle, she pled guilty to the murder of Pamela Hutchinson in Florida before being returned to her home state. But since the first crime occurred in Minnesota, that’s where Lois will do her time.

“We are grateful to our criminal justice partners from across the nation who brought a series of terrible crimes to an end, and brought a killer to justice,” Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose posted on Facebook after Riess’ sentencing in Minnesota, November 11, 2020.

Her Own Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story details the wild ride of Lois Riess as the FBI and police officers from Minnesota to Texas did everything they could to capture the murdering woman.

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