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'Dexter Inspired' Murder-Robbery: A Shocking True Crime Story

Maria Malveiro, a beautiful, green-eyed brunette, gave Diogo Goncalves a glass of orange juice as she promised the twenty-year-old a lap dance.

If there’s a God in Heaven, that is the last thing the young man remembers.

The orange juice, Portugal police say, was laced with the sedative, Diazepam.

As soon as Diogo's body hit the ground, nineteen-year-old Maria and her dark-haired, blue-eyed lover, Mariana Fonseca, leaped on their victim, strangling him to death.

Once his blood stopped pumping and his brain shut down, the ladies started chopping his body up. Of course, they wanted to make it more challenging for police to identify the body after M&M tossed the torso away.

But that wasn’t the only reason the women cut up the corpse.

Maria and Mariana needed Diogo’s fingers and fingerprints to get into his bank account from his mobile, so they could rip off more than $77,000.

While they tossed the torso into the sea, police say the young ladies kept Diogo’s head, forearms, hands, and feet five days after the murder.

They have yet to be tried in court, but Maria, according to the Sun, has admitted doing the crime.

Where'd the lovers get this idea? Maria told a judge that she and Mariana were inspired by the hit TV show 'Dexter.'

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