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Denver Suitcase Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story

A Denver, Colorado public works crew was doing its duty Tuesday morning, December 29, 2020, — plowing snow off the sidewalks of the Sanderson Gulch Trail in the 1700 block of South Java Way, according to reporting by the Denver Post.

Typical morning. Nothing unusual, but then at 7:15 a.m., all that changed.

The crew came across two suitcases. Just more garbage in the snow?

No, this is different, one of the guys must have thought, and the DPW team decided to pop open the cases.

Inside, they discovered human remains — chopped up body parts. The cases were full of the bloody remains of a John Doe.

Who was he? Who killed him, and why?

Those questions have yet to be answered by Denver police.

The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner was able to tell detectives that the remains all came from one person, a man. But the ME’s office couldn’t say how the person who was sliced, diced and packed away died.

Nor do they have a name for the toe tag. Same for the time of death. They can’t say anything more than the man was alive not so long ago.

Making the case more of a challenge, detectives say they don’t have any recent missing-persons reports that might match up with the body in those cases.

This might help — some of the homes in the area have surveillance cameras pointed at the street and surrounding area. The Denver PD is going through those videotapes, hoping to see something relevant, like somebody walking through the snow carrying two heavy, blood-dripping suitcases.

That would help.

The Denver PD went public with the crime the day after the suitcases were discovered and opened. Police Lt. Matt Clark wasn’t able to tell reporters any more than you’ve read here. However, he said the hope was that by going public, someone who knows something would come forward with at least a tip.

As any shocking true crime fan knows, disposing of a dead body — sawed to pieces or not — in a suitcase is hardly a new homicidal brainstorm.

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