• Rod Kackley

Denver's Dog Poop Murder-A Shocking True Crime Story

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Darian Simon told Denver police that he and his girlfriend, Isabella Thallas, were walking their dog in the 3000-block of North Fox Street when he told the dog to poop. A guy in a ground floor apartment started yelling at them.

"Are you going to train that dog, or just yell at it?" the man shouted.

Simon said he and Isabella did their best to ignore the guy, but then the man pointed a gun at them and started shooting.

Darian was hit by one of the shots, but he was able to run away. Isabella was not so fortunate. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Michael Close, 36, was arrested after deputies pulled him over on Highway 285 and discovered a rifle and a handgun on his car's floor.

This is the first time Close has been arrested, at least in Colorado. Now he faces a charge of first-degree murder—all for the poop of a dog.

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