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Crammed Into A Freezer: A Shocking True Crime Story

Doris Cumming, an 82-year-old woman, should have been safe. Living with her grandson, Robert Tincher III, in Floyd County, Georgia, Doris should have lived in peace during the last years of her life.

But she didn't.

Doris spent the last days of her life crammed into a freezer with broken, fractured, and twisted bones.

WTF? Okay. Here's how it happened.

Doris fell one day, badly injuring herself. The poor woman could barely walk. So, her loving, 29-year-old grandson, Robert, picked up his grandmother and dragged her through the apartment they shared.

Doris was in agony. Robert could hear — and see — the poor old woman's bones snapping, fracturing, and breaking.

According to the police warrant, Robert knew, yes, you can see where this is going, can't you. He knew that his grandmother was alive. The woman was still breathing, even moving, when Robert wrapped her in plastic bags and stuffed her in a large freezer.

Dori's back broke when Robert was jamming her into the appliance; that is what he told the police.

When it was all over, Robert sat back and continued living his life while Doris took her last breath, God knows when, and left this life for what must be a much happier place.

While her soul might have departed this life, her body did not.

Robert left his grandmother in the freezer for months. He even moved the appliance to a storage unit when he got a little paranoid about police discovering his granny's frozen corpse.

Why didn't he just call 911 to get some help for Grandma Doris that day she fell? Oh, he couldn't, Robert told the police. You see, the cops were already looking for him.

There was a warrant out for Robert, something about terroristic threats he made against his wife, according to Fox 5 in Atlanta.

Now, the case is still being investigated. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation had Doris's body as this post was written. The GBI was getting ready to do an autopsy to determine the cause and time of the poor old woman's death.

One more point.

Robert made sure he told the police about how much he loved Doris.

He explained to Floyd County Investigator Brittany Werner that Doris "was the only family member that gave him the courtesy and love and attention he needed."

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