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Corn Rake Killer Sentenced to Life In Prison, A Shocking True Crime Story

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Todd Mullis, a millionaire hog farmer in Iowa, is going to prison for the rest of his life after being convicted of using a corn rake to kill his wife.

This is a story I’ve been following since it broke last year. In March 2019, police said Todd’s wife, Amy, died after being struck three or four times with a corn rake. It’s a potentially lethal implement with eight-inch long tines that are chiseled to incredibly sharp points.

Todd, allegedly, used one of those rakes to kill Amy. Why? Because he discovered she’d been sleeping with a couple other guys. One of her lovers told police Amy was scared to death of Todd. He told homicide detectives Amy said she was afraid that if Todd figured out her cheating ways, “he might make me disappear.”

Todd was convicted of first-degree murder in September 2019.

When Todd was sentenced Sept. 4, 2020, he proclaimed his innocence. “This is supposed to be America where you have a fair chance of proving your innocence,” Todd told the judge. “I thought it was innocent until proven guilty. I feel this was the other way around.”

But Delaware County Prosecutor John Bernau doesn’t see it that way. He was happy to bring this case across the finish line. And he doesn’t believe Todd’s innocent.

Bernau argued that while Todd was angered by Amy’s affairs, he was more afraid of losing half his wealth to his wife should they divorce.

“Farmers work very hard for what they have, and they don’t want to lose it,” Bernau explained to the Telegraph Herald. “Some farmers … seem to go to great lengths.”

Her dream of backpacking around the world ended with every father’s worst nightmare. And the killer tried to say it was partially her fault.

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