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Busted in California — ‘Real Life Frankensteins!’ A Shocking True Crime Story!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Real Life Frankensteins? Crime media hyperbole, right? Nope. Orange County, California District Attorney Todd Spitzer coined that phrase Friday when he filed charges against a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Randy Rosen, 57, the doc’s girlfriend, 41-year-old Liza Vismanos.

Spitzer says Doc Rosen and Liza ran an elaborate $52 million insurance fraud in which they convinced reformed alcoholics drying out in sober-living facilities to submit to unnecessary surgeries and other needless medical procedures.

Four other men, who Spitzer says functioned as “body brokers” and recruited the “human guinea pigs,” also face charges.

Broad-Daylight Murder Captured on Home Security Video

Blood flowed in Chicago again last weekend. Gangland warfare and drugs claimed more lives as people in some Windy City neighborhoods had trouble separating the sound of fireworks from the impact of gunfire.

Just another summer weekend in Chicago? Maybe. But this is different. A Chicago homicide squad is watching one of the killings on video from a home security system in Rogers Park.

The tape shows two guys casually talking on a sidewalk in front of the house when one steps behind the other and calmly pulls out a silver semi-auto, puts it within inches of his companion’s head, and squeezes the trigger.

Cops know the dead man. As this was published, they were still looking for the gunman.

Couldn’t Let Her Go

Baleigh Bagshaw’s family invited Shaun Patrick French into their Salt Lake City home when she was only 14, and he was 23. Shaun went after Baleigh, sexually abusing her almost every day. Finally, a year after Shaun moved in, Baleigh told her parents what was happening, and they kicked Shaun out.

But he couldn’t let Baleigh go. Convinced he was in love, Shaun stalked the girl, threatened the child’s mother that he’d post revealing pictures of Baleigh online, but nothing worked. Shaun would not be allowed back in the Bagshaw’s home.

Then one day in May 2018, Shaun broke into the house and waited for Baleigh to come home from school. After she walked in and called her mom, who was working, reporting she’d made it back okay, Shaun sprung from his hiding place.

He viciously stabbed the teenager and slit her throat. Her mom was still on the phone and heard the whole thing.

It only took the police a couple of days to find Shaun.

His trial ended Wednesday. He’s going to prison for the rest of his life after pleading guilty to a charge of first-degree aggravated murder.

The life sentence is the result of a plea bargain deal. Shaun agreed to plead guilty to stay off Death Row.

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