• Rod Kackley

Ready For A Story With A Happy Ending? Read Bookworm, new in the St. Isidore Collection!

Aren't you ready for a story with a happy ending?

Benjamin Kalinowski was famous in St. Isidore as the community's most well-read man. Every Tuesday and Thursday he would march to and from the library with loads of books that had been read, and to be read.

One day Adam King, a young boy who loved books as much as Benjamin Kalinowski learned the truth.

After Adam shares his mission with you, please read a bonus short story, The Undertaker's Son, From the St. Isidore Collection, followed by the story of a woman in a tree, and a monkey who shares birthday messages.

Guess what? Each story in this collection is based on a true story. Each and every one of these tales really happened!

Bookworm is everything the title suggests. But it's more. It's also the story of a boy who finds his life's mission in the basement of his neighborhood public library.

Love books, and people like yourself who love books? Do yourself a favor, and buy Bookworm!

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