• Rod Kackley

Baltimore Using Spy Planes To Catch Killers

"It's Baltimore, gentleman. The gods will not save you."

Fans of the HBO series “The Wire” — a crime drama based in Baltimore, Maryland, are going to love this.

How do you think the gangsters, Russell “Stringer” Bell and Avon Barksdale would react to the news that the Baltimore PD had put three spy planes into the air to track their movements? That’s exactly what’s happening in the skies over the city now known as “Mobtown USA.” Baltimore has been a war zone of cops versus criminals and civilians paid the price. The police department’s homicide squad has worked more than 300 murders a year for the past five years. Last year, for instance, there were 348 names in red on the homicide squad’s whiteboard. Less than a third of the victims’ names were rewritten in black when the cases were solved. After a federal judge dismissed an ACLU lawsuit against the surveillance program, the spy planes went into the air. 'In a city plagued by violent crime and desperately in need of police protections, the public interest clearly does not favor the imposition of a preliminary injunction blocking constitutionally sound police programs,’ the judge ruled. The single-engine planes will each be in the air for up to 12 hours a day, investigating murders, shootings, armed robberies and carjackings. “I take very seriously the utilization of every tool available to address the unacceptable levels of violence in our communities,” said BPD Commissioner Michael Harrison in a statement. “I remain cautiously optimistic about the potential of this program and will allow the data to show us the efficacy of this technology as a potential tool for the department in solving and reducing violent crime.”

So, if the gods won't save Baltimore, maybe single-engine spy planes will?

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