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Accused Family Killer Now Says His Dead Wife Murdered Kids, Dog, and Killed Herself.

Police say Anthony Todt confessed to killing his wife, three children, and the family dog inside their Central Florida home.

But now, Todt is telling a different story. He told his sister that his wife, Megan, murdered the family in a phone call from jail. “I couldn’t stop her,” Todt said, “I wasn’t home.”

Prosecutors contend they can prove Todt drugged his family with Benadryl before stabbing them to death.

But Todt says Megan was the killer, and it wasn’t the first time she tried to kill her children and the pet dog.

“There were multiple attempts, just so you know, multiple attempts in the last ... over a time frame, there’s been attempts,” Todt claimed in the March call. 

“Which is why this time I was stuck down here trying to handle things.” 

Todt also told his sister, Chrissy Caplet, that he had trouble sleeping recently “because I’m kind of upset emotionally. Meg and the kids were everything to me, you know? I’m still madly in love with her. I’m still madly in love with the kids.”

In a letter sent to his father, Robert, in June, Todt made a similar claim. He wrote that Megan drugged and stabbed the children to death before drugging and stabbing herself in the abdomen.

Police say Todt worked in Connecticut but spent weekends with the family at their Florida home. They say he murdered the family sometime after New Year’s Day and lived with their dead bodies for two weeks before the corpses were discovered.

Todt says he lost it when he found the bodies. He admits moving them all into an upstairs bedroom, where he covered them with blankets for “warmth and protection” and set the dead bodies down in “comfortable positions.”

Todt says he placed rosaries in their hands and then tried to kill himself but failed.

Police found the decomposing bodies when they arrived at the Florida home to arrest Todt on an outstanding warrant from a fraud investigation in Connecticut.

Todt’s public defender had no comment on Todt’s story. Prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty.

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