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A Serial Killer's Wedding

Camera Albarus says the wedding was a "beautiful occasion, given the circumstances of where it took place."

The bride, Camera, added, "is an absolutely wonderful individual." The groom is one of her most notorious clients, Lee Boyd Malvo. He was the younger half of a two-man serial killing sniper team that terrorized the Washington D.C. area for three weeks, shooting 13 people, 10 of them fatally.

Malvo and his bride were married this month inside Red Onion State Prison in Virginia. Malvo, convicted at the young age of 17, was sentenced life in prison in 2003 for the killings. John Allen Muhammad, the older gunman of the pair, got the death penalty. He was executed in 2009.

What kind of woman would fall in love with Malvo, and believe that he and she are soulmates? Camera told the Washington Post the woman, whose name has not been released, is "an absolutely wonderful individual."

It's one of those prison pen pal relationships that end in love. Malvo and his bride began exchanging letters about two years ago.

Craig S. Cooley, another of Malvo's defense team, says the woman is "a very impressive young lady. Educated. Her eyes are wide open."

"I believe they are soul mates," Cooley said to the Post. "She sees the good and sees Lee as I've always seen him, and I think the world would have seen him had Muhammad not taken over his life."

She's got a serial killer wrapped around her little finger. He's doing whatever she wants. But how's she going to dump him without becoming the next victim?

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