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A Politician's Last Mistake. Almost. A Shocking Crime Story

Steven Goodwell, Mayor of St. Isidore, hooked up with a fin domme. It seemed like the craziest thing in the world when he found the young woman online while he was alone in a New York hotel room. Steven was in the Big Apple representing St.Isidore at a national conference of small-town mayors. After a day of meetings, he found himself alone and bored in his hotel room. Staring out the window at the vibrant streets of NYC entertained him for only so long.

Steven found himself drawn to his MacBook Air.

Going to New York without his wife, Mary Alice had seemed like an excellent idea at the time. Steven would play. Steven would party. Steven would enjoy himself like he hadn’t since college.

But he wasn’t a twenty-year-old anymore. Steven tired quickly, and he missed Mary Alice. Steven was lonely. So he started fooling around with his city-issued laptop.

That’s how he found Allyson, a fin domme. As the name might suggest to anyone but the most vanilla, she dominated men financially.

Here was Allyson’s offer: She would enslave Steven, virtually or online, and he would send her money, buy her gifts, and give her direct access to his checking account.

In return, she sent him photos of herself the first night and talked to him online the second night.

He found it exciting and kept it going when he got home.

That was a month ago, a very long, exciting month ago. But now, the flame had died out.

Steven found himself in a hotel room in St. Isidore. Allyson, a fin domme turned blackmailer, threatened to release all of their emails and financial transactions if he didn’t pay her $100,00. Steven knew the first check would only be the beginning. She had her claws in him; there was no doubt about that. Steven had made a colossal mistake. But no more. He decided to call her bluff. But it was no bluff. Allyson had done her homework and emailed all the info to city hall and, more importantly, his wife, Mary Alice.

Now Steven was sitting in the St. Isidore Inn holding a revolver, a six-shot, snub-nose .32. The weapon in the palm of his hand felt as perfect as the last pack of cigarettes he’d smoked before kicking the habit. The gun had been his father’s. Steven thought about how disappointed Dad would be.

“If he could only see me know,” Steven said to himself before putting the barrel of the gun into his mouth.

Steven was about ready to end it all; until he heard a CNN newsreader on the TV say a young woman had been found dead. Her body was discovered in a Central Michigan University dorm room in Mt. Pleasant.

Steven glanced at the TV and saw the dead girl’s photo. It was Allyson. He turned up the volume and heard the girl was strangled and smashed over the head with what the cops called “a blunt object.”

Steven’s city-owned cell phone rang. It was St. Isidore Police Chief Lumpy Doolan.

“Steven? Lumpy.”

Oh great, Steven thought. Police Chief Lumpy Doolan. What the heck could he want?

Steven looked at the gun in his hand.


“How ya doin’, Mayor?”

“Sarcasm is not what I need right now, Lumpy.”


“No, you’re not.”

“Stop being a pissant. You aren’t the first hometown boy in Swinging Izzy to fuck-up, you know,” Lumpy said.

Asshole, Steven thought.

“And I’m afraid I’ve got more bad news,” Lumpy said.

Steven took a deep breath, choked back a sob, and picked up the handgun. He pressed the barrel against his temple. Would serve Lumpy right if I blew my brains outright in his ear, Steven thought.

“What now?”

“I just got off the phone with one of my police buddies, and you are not going to believe what he told me.”

Steven pressed the gun harder against his temple and put his finger on the trigger.

“Mt. Pleasant cops just arrested your Mary Alice. You aren’t going to believe what they say she did…”

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.But, it was inspired by a shocking true crime story.

Corruption. Conspiracy. Caviar.

The patriarch of one of the most powerful families in Kentucky politics is dead. Murdered. And it’s up to private investigator Ron Delaney to figure out who killed his hero. With a $25,000 check from the dead politician’s mistress in his pocket, Ron sets off on a journey that will lead him into conflict with one of the most powerful families in the Russian Mafia.

Along the way, Ron’s illusions about his hero are shattered, his prized Corvette is nearly totaled by a speeding blonde, and he falls in love with a woman half his age.

Empty Minute: A Murder Mystery is a crime thriller that will keep you turning pages till the surprise ending that you won't see coming.

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