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50 Shades of Murder: A Shocking True Crime Story

A 28-year old man, his name suppressed under New Zealand law, convicted of killing a British backpacker during, he said, a session of rough sex, is appealing his conviction.

The law under which this guy’s name and photo were suppressed is intended to make sure defendants receive a fair trial before a jury not prejudiced by media reports. In this case, the murderer’s name and photo will be suppressed until the court lifts that order.

The convicted killer put forth a “50 Shades of Grey” defense in which he claimed Grace Millane, 21, died during a BDSM sex session that she wanted. In fact, Grace did meet the man who would end her life — ironically on the night of her birthday — on the dating app, Tinder.

The murderer was convicted of strangling Grace in an Auckland hotel, hiding her body in a suitcase, and then burying the package in a brushland area.

When he was sentenced, Justice Simon Moore said the murder amounted to “conduct that underscores a lack of empathy and sense of self-entitlement and objectification.”

While killers are often sentenced to life in prison for their crimes, every homicide leaves behind grieving loved ones condemned to a life of mourning for reasons beyond their control.

David Millane, Grace’s father, cried in the court’s public gallery as the jury read its verdict. The killer showed no emotion whatsoever.

"Grace was our sunshine, and she will be missed forever," David said.

Grace's mother, Gillian Millane, spoke to the court via a video-link and told the man: "Grace wasn't just my daughter. She was my friend. My very best friend.

"I am absolutely heartbroken that you have taken my daughter's future and robbed us of so many memories that we were going to create."

Worse than murder. More heinous than homicide. Ashley's mother wants justice.

#Justice For Ashley is not just a shocking true crime story. It's an amazing, compelling true crime story. Ashley: a beautiful young woman. Utterly open to life and love. Yes, she was gullible, but she was the light of so many lives.

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