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California Cemetery Closed! Three Bodies Too Many!

One was hunched over. Another was lying down, and a third was wrapped up in what looked like a sleeping bag.

That's how Randy Rios described three people found dead in a Southern California cemetery, Monday morning.

Another person who stumbled upon the gruesome homicide scene, Maria Miranda, told KTLA reporters she saw two of the bodies lying on top of a grave.

"Very sad scene," said Maria. "Heartbreaking, I guess because it's a cemetery, and its a place of mourning and remembrance.

"And you come across something like this, it's unheard of," she concluded.

Cops were swarming over the triple-murder Monday morning, just before lunch hour at Perris Valley Cemetery in Riverside County, California.

As of this writing, Riverside County Sheriff's detectives had not released the names of the dead or a possible motive for the slayings.

But the corpses might have been dumped at the cemetery.

Speculation surrounds two murder scenes from a couple of weeks ago; one at an Arco gas station, the other at a local park.

Could it be the dead were murdered at those locations, stored for a while, then dumped on a gravesite?

Gruesome, right? But still strangely appropriate.

Perris, California Mayor Michael Vargas said he was confident the "horrific crimes" would be solved, and those responsible would be swiftly brought to justice.

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