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The Sheriff and The Psychics

This story is such a unique intersection of true crime and the paranormal I couldn’t let it pass. And if you like both my Shocking True Crime Stories and the St. Isidore Collection, I am sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

Here we go: Two weeks ago, a pretty, blonde seventeen-year-old girl, Haylee Marie Martin, vanishes. She was last seen January 13, after breaking up with her boyfriend. Franklin County Sheriff Chris Quire couldn’t find a trace of the girl.

He and everyone else in Franklin County feared the worst. So the sheriff chose a course of action that very few in law enforcement would pick; he agreed to meet with a group of psychics.

Sheriff Quire was, to say the least, skeptical. But, at the same time, how could he leave any stone unturned? What was more critical, his ego, or finding Haylee? The answer was obvious.

So the evening of January 23, Sheriff Quire sat down with several Franklin County psychics. After much discussion, they confidently told the sheriff Haylee had not gone far. In fact, they said Sheriff Quire would find the teenager in a neighboring county by the next morning.

Guess what?

That’s precisely what happened.

The next morning, January 24, Scott County, next door to Franklin County, responded to a home burglar alarm, and you won’t believe who they found inside the house — Haylee and a twenty-one-year-old woman.

Haylee and the woman were ransacking a house that belonged to the older woman’s boyfriend. It seems Haylee had spent the last couple of weeks hanging out with two or three weeks with a few adult criminals, learning a new trade, as it were.

Haylee’s okay. She has been turned over to the foster care system. Tough love? No. That’s just what Haylee wanted, promising if she went back to her parents, she’d just run away again.

How’s Sheriff Quire taken the news? Of course, he’s happy Haylee was found alive and well. But he also says this is all “hard to believe.”

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