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Teens Accused of Cold-Blooded Killings

Two teenagers stand accused of truly heinous, shocking true crimes today. Both, allegedly, slaughtered their families.

In the first case, an Alabama teen, Landon Hudson Durham, 16, is accused of not only stabbing his mother and two brothers to death; police say he actually went to bed, slept the night away, and then went to school the next morning like nothing had happened.

The second case involves a kid whose blood runs even colder. The blood in this teen's veins could be downright frosty.

Police in Grantsville, Utah, a small town just west of Salt Lake City, say Colin "C.J." Haynie "methodically" murdered his mother, brother, and two sisters, then waited for his dad to return home for work.

Tooele County Attorney Scott Broadhead told reporters the murders happened over a five-hour period.

"This wasn't a one moment snap," Broadhead stressed.

When his father returned home from work, C.J. was waiting with a handgun. Dad Colin Haynie, 50, was shot in the leg. However, he was able to wrestle the weapon away from his sixteen-year old son.

Both C.J Haynie and Landon Hudson Durham faces murder charges and are being tried as adults.

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