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Serial Killer Nurse Pleads Guilty!

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Wearing blue scrubs, dark glasses, with short white hair, Genene Jones moved slowly, with the assistance of a walker, into a San Antonio, Texas courtroom Jan. 16, 2020.

She was finally ready to do what the parents of more than a dozen dead babies had prayed for, for decades.

Genene signed and confirmed a guilty plea in which she admits killing a baby, Joshua Sawyer, in 1981. The infant’s murder was the first of five Genene was scheduled to face this month. And her guilty plea confirms what was long suspected; while she worked as a nurse in pediatric intensive care units in Texas, Genene was a serial baby killer.

Her victims were as young as three months and as old as two years. Prosecutors say she used a variety of powerful drugs to end their lives.

Genene won't be eligible for parole until 2038 at the earliest. Since she’s 69 years of age, that is as good as a life sentence.

But still, Judge Frank Castro, as he passed sentence, said her punishment doesn’t come close to what Genene did to the families of the children murdered “and the tragedy that you caused when you took God’s little precious gift: babies, defenseless, innocent.”

Connie Weeks, Joshua Sawyer’s mother, said simply, “ I am glad that you will never see daylight.”

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