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Serial Killer Walks! Will She Murder Again?

One of the cops who put Catherine Wood behind bars, decades ago, is afraid now that she’s free, this convicted serial killer will do murder again.

“For safety reasons, I wouldn’t want my grandchildren, or elderly patients around her,” retired Detective Roger Kaliniak tells WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “She’s a serial killer, and she could do it again, and most of them do.”

Catherine and her partner in all things, including murder, Gwen Graham, were convicted, in 1987, of killing at least five patients at the Alpine Manor Nursing Home, just outside Grand Rapids, in Walker, Michigan.

A jury sent Gwen to prison for life, convicting her of first-degree murder in the deaths of five elderly female patients at the nursing home. Wood copped to a plea deal and pleaded to second-degree murder in one of the killings. She was sentenced to a 20 to 40-years in prison.

The Michigan Parole Board granted Catherine parole in September 2018. The families of those she and Gwen murdered immediately appealed. They lost their bid to keep this serial killer behind bars this week.

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