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Gruesome Grindr Homicide: Shocking True Crime Story

Kevin Bacon

Michigan police discovered Kevin Bacon's body naked, hanging upside down from the ceiling in Mark Latunski's upscale home with his throat slashed.

Latunski admits stabbing Kevin (not the actor, of course) in the back and then slitting his throat.

It isn't clear at this time if that happened before or after Latunski tied a rope around Kevin's ankles and hung him from the rafters in his house, about a half-hour west of Flint.

What is gruesomely explicit, however, is that Latunski actually cut off and ate one of Kevin's testicles.

Kevin (pictured above), who met Latunski on Grindr, a dating app for LGBTQ people, was reported missing on Christmas Day.

Kevin certainly picked the wrong guy to hook up with. One of Latunski's neighbors told reporters that just a month before Kevin went missing, a man dressed in nothing but a leather skirt with blood streaming down his face, ran up to his front door, pleading for help.

A few minutes later, Latunski arrived in his pickup truck, also dressed in nothing but his leather skirt to collect the twenty-nine-year-old man.

The neighbor couldn't believe this was happening at his home, which is surrounded by farmers and deer hunters.

No charges were filed.

However, Latunski's estranged husband told a Lansing, Michigan TV station, "I had to get out of there. I knew it was a dangerous situation."

Latunski was arraigned Dec. 30 on one count of murder and one count of disinterment/mutilation of a body.

The case has caught the attention of several celebrities, if only because of the victim's name.

And, yes, the actor, Kevin Bacon, has also posted his condolences.

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