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Doppelgänger Killer Pleads Guilty to Murder Charge

Her Own Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story

With her shoulder-length, unkempt hair falling over her face, wearing a prison orange jumpsuit, Lois admitted Dec. 17 that she did kill Pamela Hutchinson.

Lois changed her plea, in a Florida courtroom, from not guilty to guilty, and with that also accepted a life sentence in prison.

In addition to the charge of first-degree murder with a firearm, Lois today also pled guilty to three other charges — grand theft of a motor vehicle, grand theft, and criminal use of identification — all in connection with the slaying of Pamela.

Chief Assistant State Attorney Rich Montecalvo says that as far as he and the state of Florida are concerned, the case was resolved "appropriately for the (Hutchinson) family to move on."

But will Pamela's family be able to do that? How can you put something like this behind you?

Her ex-husband, James Hutchinson, thinks it was "ridiculous" that it took the police and prosecutors eighteen months to get to the moment that Lois confessed.

"It probably wasn't what I wanted," says James Hutchinson, her ex-husband.

"Dang it, it was a cold-blooded murder. I'm trying to digest this. Am I happy, sad?" James added. "It might put a smile on my face. I don't know if that's OK."

But, Pamela's best friend, Judy Wilder, believes Lois's guilty plea will give Pamela's family some closure.

"Oh, my God, I'm so happy," says Judy. "I'm just glad she didn't say she was crazy."

But at the same time, Judy admits the guilty plea and resulting life sentence didn't give her everything she wanted.

In accepting the guilty pleas, the state attorney's office withdrew its notice of intent to seek the death penalty.

"I'm kinda disappointed," says Judy. "I would have liked to see the death penalty."

She might not have gotten the chair or lethal injection; however, Lois will soon be in another courtroom. She also waived extradition today to Minnesota, where she will face a first-degree murder charge for the killing of her husband.

Rich Montecalvo stresses that whatever happens next in Minnesota, Lois will spend the rest of her life watching the world go by through the bars of a jail cell in Florida.

"The important thing to know," says Rich, "is that Ms. Riess will never see the light of day."

How did a woman who'd never had as much as a traffic ticket before this wind up killing Pamela Hutchinson and allegedly her husband?

It's an incredibly twisted tale, a rollercoaster of a true-crime ride that you'll read all about in Her Own Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story.

Her Own  Demons: A Shocking True Crime Story

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