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Sexsomnia Defense: "Even if I did it, I slept through it."

A Canadian business executive pleads "not guilty" to a charge of sexual assault. And even if he did it, Karl Richard Antonius says, he's not responsible because he's a "sexsomniac."

In fact, the fifty-one-year-old says, if the sexual assault did happen, he slept through the whole thing because of suffering from, you guessed it, sexsomnia.

The alleged victim, a woman who was on a blind date with Karl when the two of them went back to his luxury apartment in downtown Vancouver, says she tried to swat his hand away when he tried to grope her.

This part, Karl remembers. They were lying in bed together. Karl says he did touch her bottom, but he says it wasn't a "grope."

"The idea was just to cuddle and to go to sleep," he claims.

Later, while sleeping in Karl's bed, the woman says she woke up to find him having sexual intercourse with him, without her consent.

But Karl says after she swatted his hand away, the next thing he remembers is waking up standing by the refrigerator, wondering how he got in the kitchen. That's evidence he says of suffering from sexsomnia.

Karl's trial is expected to resume in January with testimony from sexsomnia experts.

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