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Family grieves, mourns murdered, dismembered woman during vigil

"November 19, 2018, I got a hug from her, and heard the words 'I love you,'" says Ashley Young's mother, Kristine. "I didn't know ten days later she would be dead."

Ashley Young was thirty-one-years old when she was killed and then dismembered by Jared Chance after leaving a bar with him in the trendy Eastown district of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

One of Jared's neighbors discovered Ashley's torso under a tarp. Police found portions of her arms and legs in a cardboard box. Ashley's head, hands, and feet have never been found.

Ashley's family and friends prayed and sang in her memory on November 29, 2019, a vigil to mark the first anniversary of her death.

"You literally learn to put up that wall and go day by day and just pray that you get through," Kristine says, sobbing, during an interview with a WOOD-TV reporter.

Kristine's longtime partner, Dana Nelson, shares her grief.

"I know everyone deals with a loss," Dana Nelson says. "I can explain away my mother's death because of her age or if she was in a car accident or had an illness, but this you can't. You can't explain it away."

Kristine and Dana still hope that someday either Jared reveals what he did with Ashley's head, hands, and feet, or someone else comes forward with information leading them to those remains.

Healing fully, the women say, is out of the question.

But finding those rest of Ashley's remains could give them more peace.

"For her to still be missing — parts of her to still be missing, a year later," Dana says, “is just not right,"

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