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John Norman Collins: A Serial Killer Ready to Come Clean?

It was the late 1960s, and the naked, mutilated, dead bodies of young women were being found one after another along Michigan roadsides and in vacant lots.

A serial killer was running wild. His victims ranged in age from thirteen to twenty-three.

I was a junior high school student, born in 1955, old enough to read the newspapers and listen to the adults at my grandmother's house discuss the crimes.

The stories hit home with me since all but two of the girls butchered by this maniac were teenagers. I could have known any of them.

Michigan, the entire state, was in a panic.

Finally, police arrested a suspect -- John Norman Collins (pictured above).

Although prosecutors filed charges against him in only one of the murders -- that of Karen Sue Beineman -- the killings stopped after Collins' arrest.

So, we don't know for sure if Collins murdered the others or if he killed even more young women and girls. Maybe this guy was never a serial killer.

But as the Detroit Free Press reported today, the investigation is continuing. There are some cops and reporters who won't stop.

Also, Collins, at the age of 72, could finally be ready to talk. But his interaction with the Free Press has been confusing to say the least.

And the more complicated it becomes only makes this one of the most interesting true crime stories in U.S. history.

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