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Cheerleader Murdered, Angry Boyfriend Says He "Took Action"

Aaron Trejo, a seventeen-year-old high school football player, now destined to spend most of the rest of his life in prison, admits murdering his cheerleader girlfriend.

After murdering Breana Rouhselang, who was also 17, Aaron tossed her lifeless body into a restaurant dumpster.

Oh. Wait.

Aaron did more than slay his girlfriend. His rage also claimed the life of their unborn baby. That's right, Breana was six months pregnant when Aaron lost his temper and killed her and their child.

Why? What was the spark that lit the time bomb of his temper?

Aaron, who decided to plead guilty to charges of murder and killing a fetus, told a South Bend homicide cop he blew his top when she told him she was pregnant.

"I took action," Aaron told the police. "I took her life."

Aaron told the detective he was pissed because she waited so long to tell him about the pregnancy, it was too late, he believed, for her to get an abortion.

He'll have up to eighty years to think about this in prison. That's the maximum sentence Aaron could receive in January 2020.

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