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The Day Noelia Died. A Shocking True Crime Story

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Noelia Mateo had no idea, as she got into her car parked on Ellsworth Avenue, in front of her home in the Throgs Neck neighborhood of the Bronx, New York, that it would be the beginning of the end.

Her grandson and daughter didn't have a clue, either. Both stood across the street, waving goodbye.

It was early, dawn, just 7 a.m. October 3. Autumn, according to the calendar, arrived a couple of weeks ago. But neither Noelia nor her grandkids could tell it by the weather. The steamy blanket of a heatwave that settled over the East Coast the last week of September had yet to be lifted.

Still, it was a good day to be alive.

It would also be the fifty-eight-year-old woman's last day to be alive.

As she got into her car, Noelia heard the throaty roar of a six-cylinder internal combustion engine coming at her. Maybe she sensed it more than heard it, but whatever, she looked up with her key in the car door's lock to see a car coming at her like a heat-seeking missile.

The car slammed into her auto before careening into a white van, hitting hard enough to leave the parked vehicle looking like an accordion. Her vehicle shoved forward by the impact, Noelia lay on the ground, broken, bleeding, pinned underneath.

The man who'd picked his automobile as a weapon of choice wasn't finished. He could see Noelia was still alive.

So, he pushed himself out of his wrecked vehicle, waving a machete, running back toward Noelia.

Choosing yet another weapon to carry out his homicide, the man jumped behind the wheel of Noelia's car, grabbing her keys on the way.

He started the car and incredibly, to the horror of Noelia's granddaughter, grandson, and the neighbors who were watching from living room windows, the man dropped the car into reverse and ran over Noelia.

The car slammed into a vehicle parked behind Noelia's car.

Now, with Noelia's twisted body laying on the street finally free of the car, but unable to do anything but crawl on broken bones, the man put the machete to work.

Standing over the woman, with her grandchildren standing shocked on the sidewalk across the street watching all of this, he brought the machete down across her body. Once. Twice. Three times he swung the sharp blade with murderous intent.

That was enough. The Bronx killer ran. But he'd failed. Noelia, a woman, known for her happy smile and long brown curly hair, wasn't dead yet.

In her last moments of life, Noelia, with her body and mind forcing her to survive, crawled, covered with blood, on her hands, knees, and finally stomach, from the sidewalk to a patch of grass on the curb.

That's where Noelia died.

Neighbors now ran to help. One grabbed Noelia's shoes and handbag from the middle of the street and brought them to the curb. Another came running with a blanket to cover her body. Both waited by Noelia's side as they heard sirens coming closer.

Everybody on Ellsworth Avenue thought the world of Noelia. Everyone except her estranged husband, Victor Mateo. He is the prime suspect in this murder.

As this is written, the NYPD continues to look for Victor and investigate the case.

The police said the day after Noelia's life ended, they didn't know why she was killed, or if the attack was premeditated.

But one neighbor who stayed inside his house calling 911 to report the assault, screaming into his phone, "Where's the ambulance? Where's the police?" told the NY Times that the man who killed Noelia, "knew exactly what he was doing."

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