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Flash Fiction (Noun): Fiction that is extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words, or fewer in its entirety.

It's often said that Ernest Hemingway told the best flash fiction story when he was asked by his drinking buddies if it was possible to tell a story in only six words.

Hemingway's story was a classified ad: "For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn."

On Mary Tyler Moor's CBS-TV Show decades ago, Murray, the fictional TV news department's lead writer, complained he couldn't cut down a story on a city bus strike to as few words as demanded by management.

News director Lou Grant showed Murray it could be done. "Mayor balks. Nobody talks. Everybody walks," was Lou's version of the story.

So that's flash fiction.

Here are some flash "crime" fiction stories I commissioned from a writer on Fiverr.

1. The detective gave a last sip to the coffee before going out to catch the murderer, he shouldn’t think much about where he was, after all, they had grown up in the same mother's womb. 2. It was difficult to remain calm and interrogate him, especially when he had been his son-in-law for four years before killing his daughter. 3. Women used to love him when he made them laugh; they were the same ones who shouted begging that he wouldn’t kill them afterwards. 4. David was a very bad guy, liked to go to the bar to fight and then returned to beat his wife. That was his routine the last fifteen years before she was having her license to carry weapons. 5. He was going for some fun that night, and for that reason he ended up in the basement of a stranger's house. 6. Justice would never come to him, and realizing this lack of competence, blowing his brains was the only thing that would get him out of that boring world. 7. The court gave its sentence after thirty years; they found him guilty, but even the son of the victim had already died before tasting victory. 8. The bad thing about being a lawyer is sometimes knowing that the murderers could end up getting away with it, but for him this wasn’t the case, if he had to become a murderer only for justice to be imparted, he would do it. 9. From a young age, he knew that he wanted to be a detective, not as a whim, but because he wanted to find his father's killer.

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