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Who Killed Mr. Gobbles? A Shocking True Crime Story

When Benjamin Slenk, 18, switched his plea to guilty in September, he became the third teenager in the western Michigan community of Park Township to admit in court that they killed Mr. Gobbles.

Sentencing for all three is expected in October.

A young girl testified she watched, on the Fourth of July, as the teens went after Mr. Gobbles in the Waukazoo Woods neighborhood of the township. She said they ran over Mr. Gobbles with a car, then attacked his broken body with a golf club and metal pole. Finally, they fired a pellet gun at their victim.

Mr. Gobbles was dead.

Quelan Engels, whose daughter witnessed the teenagers’ rampage, said this kind of random, homicidal violence had never happened on these streets.

So, he’s glad the teenagers who killed Mr. Gobbles will face criminal charges. “I want them to understand why what they did was bad, to understand how they have to respect life,” said Engels.

“I cried. It’s sick,” sand another neighbor, Lynn Truhn, who lives only a few hundred feet from where Mr. Gobbles took his last breath.

However, others who call Waukazoo Woods their home, said they were not surprised at Mr. Gobbles’ violent death.

Caroline Von Glahn said it wasn’t unusual to witness Mr. Gobbles chasing cars and attacking neighbors. She said her family would run every time they saw Mr. Gobbles.

“It could be pretty scary,” she recalled for a WOOD-TV reporter.

Still, even though the late Mr. Gobbles was, shall we say, a bit overaggressive, at times, Caroline felt that being beaten to death and run over by a car was a terrible way for a wild turkey to die.

“I think it was very uncalled for,” she said.

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