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Serial Killers Are Everywhere

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Not only are serial killers everywhere; about 40 percent of the time they are getting away with murder. So says a shocking true crime story in The Atlantic.

Rene Chun looks at statistics showing the nation’s murders by serial killers have fallen 85 percent in the past three decades. But Chun also finds disturbing evidence from Thomas Hargrove, the founder of the Murder Accountability Project, that shows “at least 2 percent of orders are committed by serial offenders.”

Do the math: If Hargrove is correct, Chun says that means there are at least 2,100 people out there committing serial killings who have not been caught.

How do so many murderous maniacs get away with it?

True crime author Michael Arntfield tells Chun serial killers are getting better at fooling the cops by doing things like planting false evidence.

The former police detective also points to weak police pay that leads to sub-standard detectives getting gold and silver shields. Let’s face it: half of the nation’s police detectives graduated in the bottom half of their classes.

And then there is the factor of growing isolation in our nation. People don’t talk to each other like they used to. Sometimes minding our own business is not such a good thing, the way Arntfield sees it.

One more factor: We are much more mobile than we used to be. There are very few restrictions on travel in America.

Even though we all worry about the government using GPS to track our every step through our smartphones, the geography of the vast expanse of the USA makes it nearly impossible for

That’s why the FBI said in 2016 the “ideal profession for a serial killer may well be as a long-haul truck driver.”

It follows that the people most at risk are prostitutes.

“The victims in these cases,” the FBI said, “are primarily women who are living high-risk, transient lifestyles. They are frequently picked up at truck stops or service stations.”

So, be careful out there. Serial killers -- perhaps a couple thousand of them -- are walking our streets and even sitting down beside us every single day.

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