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Finally Fried: Emotional Execution

Stephen West broke down in tears in August as he ran into the final dead-end of his wasted life. The Tennessee man, convicted of the double-murder of a woman and her teenage daughter bawled his eyes out before being placed in an electric chair.

Offered a chance to say a few last words, the fifty-six-year-old said, “In the beginning, God created man…” Then Stephen started to cry.

Tears turned to sobs as Stephen looked at the chair where his life would end.

“And Jesus wept. That is all,” he said before crossing over from this life to the next courtesy of the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution death chamber’s executioner.

Stephen got the death penalty for the 1986 murders of Wanda Romines,51, and her fifteen-year-old daughter Shelia, near Knoxville. Stephen was twenty-three at the time. And he wasn’t alone.

Stephen’s lawyer alleged a seventeen-year-old by the name of Ronnie Martin, who was dumped by Shelia, talked Stephen into doing the crimes. And then, Ronnie turned state’s evidence against Stephen.

Ronnie got life in prison. Stephen got death, and eternity, who knows where.

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