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“Pathetic Subhuman” Slaughters His Family: A Shocking True Crime Story

Canadian Menhaz Zaman, told his fellow online gamers that he had to kill his family, to spare them from dealing with the knowledge that he was a “pathetic subhuman.”

The twenty-three-year-old says he “slaughtered” four members of his family because he didn’t want his parents to “feel the shame of having a son like me. I choose to kill. It’s all very selfish.”

Menhaz admits in his message that his decision to viciously slay his parents and two others came from his “cowardice.”

What this all came down to is that Menhaz was lying to his parents about going to college. He dropped out after one year, but for the past three years, had told Mom and Dad that he’d been attending classes.

His message went out online about twelve hours before police battered down the door at the home where Menhaz lived with his parents. Inside the cops found Mom and Dad dead, along with two others identified by relatives as a sister and grandmother.

Ammara Riaz knew the family.

As is often blurted by those faced with the carnage caused by a homicidal maniac, Ammara says of Menhaz, “He was such a pleasant, quiet, calm guy. All the time helping his parents.

“I’ve always heard good stuff about him.”

Not anymore, I’ll bet.

His lust quickly turns to love.

Grant can’t get enough of Silvie.

His family will pay the price.

Grant finally has a beautiful girlfriend who loves him more than anything or anyone. So begins an incredibly shocking true crime story. Is it also a love story? Yes. As far as Grant’s concerned it’s a true love story.

Nobody understands what he and Silvie have, least off all, Grant’s family. They think he’s just addicted to a fantasy and needs psychological help.

Then the cops come knocking on the door of his hotel room with crushing news.

His mother, father, and brother are dead; murdered in their home.

With that, Grant’s life is shot to hell.

However, his love for Silvie will never die.

Porn Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story will captivate you from the first page. If you love to get into the heads of killers and the hearts of those who survive, you’ll be as hooked on this true crime story as Grant was on Silvie.

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