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Wife Beater Turned Killer in California? "World's Worst Nightmare," Says Victim's

Pleasant Valley was anything but pleasant the day El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office deputies discovered a pile of body parts while the deputies were busting a California man on an outstanding domestic violence warrant.

Now, investigators believe the deputies stumbled upon the remains of the wife beater’s dead spouse.

Anthony Gumina, hands cuffed behind him, sat on a curb, Saturday, with his little pet dog beside him, as deputies combed through every inch his home and property.

Investigators believe Anthony killed his wife and say the evidence against him is “overwhelming.”

But, Anthony’s cousin, Robert Shawaluk, says he’s “100 percent positive” that Anthony’s innocent.

“He did nothing wrong. He loved her. He loved his wife,” said Robert.

Anthony’s wife, Heather Gumina Waters, a beautiful, blonde, 33-year-old, disappeared July 15. That was the same day she was released from a hospital after being treated for a broken collarbone.

“To protect the integrity” of the investigation,:” El Dorado deputies haven’t released any other information.

However, Heather’s mother, Joanna Russel has heard enough. The distraught woman told KTXL-TV that she feared the worst when her daughter’s car was found abandoned by the side of a road last month in El Dorado County.

And now, Joanna deals with the reality that her daughter is dead.

“I’m going to grieve for a very long time,” Joanna said. “It’s like the world’s worst nightmare. But I know that she’s in heaven now.”

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