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Crime Doesn't Pay, Neither Does Lust: A Shocking True Crime Story

A 25-year-old guy in Dandenong, Australia, couldn’t have been happier. He figured he’d hit the motherlode of lustful good luck. He’d hooked up with a seventeen-year-old girl on the dating app, Skout.

Okay, she’s a little young, he might have thought. Or maybe not. But still old enough, right? And he totally believed someone so young couldn’t help but be interested in an older man.

Our hero couldn’t have been happier.

Even better, when he arrived at the pre-arranged meeting spot, not only was she there, but the teenager has a friend along for the ride. Another seventeen-year-old girl! How lucky could one twenty-five-year-old man be?

A lot luckier than this chap.

You see, both girls came armed with knives, which they flashed in his face before agreeing to trade the poor guy’s phone for a couple inches of flesh off his face, or even his life.

Melbourne police say this fellow was the first of four young men who the girls met on Skout before holding them up at knifepoint. The dangerous duo grabbed money and bank cards from the other two suckers.

But crime doesn’t pay any more than the lust of these three guys.

The girls only got about $170, plus the first guy’s phone before being arrested.

Now the girls face three counts of armed robbery.

The guys will move along to the next step of their lives.

Think they’ll do any more online dating?

Porn Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story by Rod Kackley

HIs lust quickly turns to love. Grant can’t get enough of Silvie. HIs family will pay the price.

Grant finally has a beautiful girlfriend who loves him more than anything or anyone. So begins an incredibly shocking true crime story. Is it also a love story? Yes. As far as Grant’s concerned it’s a true love story.

Nobody understands what he and Silvie have, least off all, Grant’s family. They think he’s just addicted to a fantasy and needs psychological help.

Then the cops come knocking on the door of his hotel room with crushing news.

His mother, father, and brother are dead; murdered in their home.

With that, Grant’s life is shot to hell.

However, his love for Silvie will never die.

Porn Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story that will captivate you from the first page.

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