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Killer Caught!

Curtis Ray Watson had already done time for aggravated child abuse. Most recently, he was being held on a conviction of "especially aggravated kidnapping." And, now he is back behind bars in a Tennessee state prison facing new charges.

Unfortunately, Watson (pictured above), who broke out of a Tennessee prison Wednesday, was not arrested before raping and killing a 64-year-old Department of Corrections administrator, Debra Johnson. Watson killed Debra with a cord wrapped around her neck after sexually assaulting the woman.

Believe it or not, Watson drove out of the West Tennessee State Prison last week on a tractor. Tennessee Bureau of Investigations agents scrambled to find him, issuing warnings to people who live near the prison to be "ALERT and VIGILANT." The TBI also published a critical statewide blue alert, only the third time that's happened since 2011.

By Sunday, TBI agents found Watson and pushed him into the back of a squad car. Now he faces charges of first-degree murder, especially aggravated burglary, and aggravated sexual battery.

Debra Johnson's family faces the prospect of a funeral and an empty space in their hearts that will never be filled.

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