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Mommy Deadliest: A Shocking True Crime Story of a Murdering Mother

Not every woman is meant to be a good mother.

Martha Ann was a simple woman. She only wanted to love and be loved. But when she found true love, it was too late, and too many had died.

Every time Earl and Martha Ann fight, he runs off to his lover, Stanley, and something terrible happens to one of their kids, something appalling.

Is it just bad luck? That’s what Martha Ann says. Or could it be something else?

Earl is afraid his wife is killing their babies. He doesn’t have the evidence. However, he, and Stanley have their fear and their suspicion.

Mommy Deadliest: The Shocking True Crime Story of a Murdering Mother tells the true story of a simple woman who understood what was happening was wrong, but couldn’t or wouldn’t stop.

This is a biography of a criminal, an outlaw, a woman who did the unimaginable.

However, it is also the story of how the law enforcement, medical, and social service communities failed Martha Ann, Earl, and their family.

All, that is, except one cop who wouldn’t give up and a reporter who knew this was a story that had to be told.

At the heart of the story, though is a simple question: How could a mother do this to her children?

You will become instantly immersed in Mommy Deadliest: The Shocking True Crime Story of a Murdering Mother by Rod Kackley from the very first page.

This is one of best selling Rod Kackley’s Shocking True Crime Stories you won’t be able to put down because everyone loves a page-turner.

Why were you motivated to write this story, the story of Martha Ann and Earl, as one of your first Shocking True Crime Stories?

To begin with, you have to feel sorry for Martha Ann. This is a woman who had a lonely, even miserable childhood. She had very low self-esteem and desperately desired a man to make her feel better.

You have to remember this took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s when women didn’t have the choices they have now. Martha Ann didn't see any option except to marry a man who would take care of her and make her feel better about herself.

Can you tell us more about how the medical community failed?

Again, remember the period. Hospitals and doctors didn’t communicate the way they do in the 21st century. The internet didn’t exist. There was no hospital-to-hospital sharing of medical records. So no one picked up on the series of deaths in Martha Ann’s family the way they would have today.

What about the reporter and the police officer who broke this case wide open?

I don’t want to give away the whole story here. But let me just say that the reporter and the police detective who knew in their hearts something was wrong, were tenacious in their pursuit of the truth.

Do you still feel sorry for Martha Ann?

No. Murder is murder.

Mommy Deadliest by Rod Kackley

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