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Woman Killed, Head Tossed To Neighbor's Lawn

Sydney, Australia police discovered Rita Camilleri's body in the kitchen of the home she shared with her daughter, Jessica. Rita's head was on a neighbor's lawn.

The scene was so bloody, so horrific that several police officers needed counseling to cope with what they'd seen.

Not bad enough? Okay. How about this? A four-year-old boy, hidden in a back room, lived through the crime.

Police say Jessica, 25, for some reason, went after her fifty-seven-year-old mother with first one kitchen knife, then another, and then another.

She used several knives to cut, slash, and stab Rita to death before cutting off the poor woman's head and tossing it on to a neighbor's lawn.

When she was finished, Jessica knocked on another neighbor's front door. When Ali Bostani opened the door, Jessica asked her to call the cops.

While all this was happening, a four-year-old boy, who Rita was babysitting, was hiding in a back room. Police say the kid looked stunned when they found him cowering under a bed.

Ali said she could hear the boy crying before blood-soaked Jessica showed up on her doorstep.

The kid only has bumps on his head. Minor stuff. But what's going on inside the little guy's head is another story.

Doctors at The Children's Hospital at Westmead say the boy is so rattled that he's become very withdrawn and has hardly said a word for several days.

As to what might have been going on inside Jessica's head; that's a different story. Turns out she suffered from bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression, along with what doctors are calling an "intellectual disability."

She's been arrested and is facing a murder charge.

Doctors and counselors are working with the little boy. And of course, his family is trying to help too. But one family member says, "We are going through hell."

Let's Do Murder: A Shocking True Crime Story by Rod Kackley

Let's Do Murder: A Shocking True Crime Story

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