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Coffee Shoppe Killer: Based on a Shocking True Crime Story, a word from the author

Coffee Shoppe Killer by rod kackley

How close is The Coffee Shoppe Killer to the actual shocking true crime story?

It's very close. As the description says, "this sh*t really happened." The story of a female business owner who killed her ex-husband, then her boyfriend, cut up their bodies and tossed them into the basement of her store is entirely accurate.

I did move the locale to my favorite town, St. Isidore, from where it really happened, Vienna. And rather than the ice cream parlor where the crime occurred, I decided to give the killer a coffee shop. Maybe because I love coffee, I don't know.

If you want to read the real story, pick up True Love, Too Late: A Shocking True Crime Story. The Coffee Shoppe Killer is based on that book.

What fascinated you about this story? Why write this book?

The woman at the center of the story is a successful business owner. But, she keeps picking the wrong guys, and of course, she chose the wrong way to get rid of them.

And the way she got rid of them was an astoundingly stupid way to dispose of dead bodies. But live and learn, right?

And why St. Isidore instead of Vienna?

Two reasons: First, I know St. Isidore and those who live there much better than I could ever know Vienna and its citizens.

Second, where better to put this story than in a town surrounded by the Suicide Forest, where the world goes to die, and the good guys don't always win.

Coffee Shoppe Killer by Rod Kackley

The Coffee Shoppe Killer:

Inspired by a Shocking True Crime Story.

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