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Ted Bundy's Final Rampage

Ten years ago tonight, July 24, 1979, serial killer Ted Bundy broke into the Chi Omega sorority house on the campus of Florida State University and brutally murdered two young women.

Bundy disappeared from a Colorado jail cell just two weeks before committing what would be his last two homicides.

He pounded Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman to death in their sorority house, smashing their heads with firewood before choking them to death with stockings.

Bundy had killed two beautiful college girls. But he wasn't finished. With the taste of blood fresh in his heart, Bundy attacked two other women in the sorority house while they slept in their beds, Karen Chandler and Kathy Kleiner.

Karen told ABC News that Bundy attacked and beat her so powerfully that virtually every bone in her face was broken.

"I was asleep when evil opened the door and attacked me. It wasn't fair," Kathy told ABC News earlier this year.

Ray Crew, a member of the FSU police force, found Karen.

"As I stepped in (the house,) the girls were yelling: 'Upstairs. Upstairs.' And there was a lot of crying. ... At the top of the stairs was a girl named Karen Ann Chandler and she was down on the floor, and she was bleeding quite badly from head injuries," he said.

After discovering Karen Ann, Ray found Kathy in her bedroom. Bundy, the animal, had broken her jaw in at least three places.

"Her jaw was actually hanging off one side," he said. "It was only, only one hinge was still attached. ... She was totally incoherent and in shock."

However, Kathy and Karen Ann would survive.

Then, Bundy went to an apartment house a few blocks away, where he attacked Cheryl Thomas. She would also live to tell the story of this horrendous night, but she lost her hearing as a result of the violent assault.

If there is any fairness to this story, it is that Bundy was executed, ten years later, for murdering Lisa and Margaret.

So, Bundy is dead. He'll never kill again.

But the damage he infected cannot be reversed. At least 30 young women died at his hands. Others were left with like Karen Ann, Kathy, and Cheryl were left with grievous physical injuries and emotional trauma that would not heal.

Referring to her friends, Lisa and Margaret, Kathy Kleiner said, "They were both beautiful, wonderful people. I was mad that this person was allowed to come in and hurt us."

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