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Manhunt for a Canadian Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story

Murders so brutal and violent it took three days to identify the bodies and open caskets won’t be allowed at the funerals.

A manhunt’s underway in British Columbia, Canada, following the discovery of the bodies of a North Carolina woman, Chynna Noelle Deese, and her Australian boyfriend, Lucas Robertson Fowler,

Both in their early twenties, the couple was found dead along a highway, according to the Royal Mounted Canadian Police.

Chynna’s brother, British Deese, told the Charlotte Observer, their van might have broken down or overheated, leading to the couple’s encounter with a killer.

Could this be the work of a serial killer?

The Daily Mail reported the RCMP is looking into a long list of unsolved murders in the area where the dead bodies of Chynna and Lucas were discovered. However police aren’t saying much about the case, yet, except to ask for witnesses to come forward.

Chynna’s father, Dwayne, says he knows this: his daughter and Lucas were “deeply in love.”

“They met traveling, and that’s just what they did — travel. Lucas was working in Canada, and they were planning an extensive road trip there for three weeks. They were going to spend a week on the ranch and the second half of the trip going to national parks in Canada.”

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Never Forgive, Never Forget by Rod Kackley

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