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Coming Soon! Sometimes Things Break: A Paranormal Time Travel Thriller

Like it says on the home page, Rod Kackley's Crime Stories Bookstore is about more than Shocking True Crime Stories, or even, Crime Fiction.

Sometimes the books are good paranormal yarns. Maybe there's a crime involved like there is in Wake The Dead: A Paranormal Mystery From the St. Isidore Collection.

However, there's also Wicked Justice: Book 3 From the St. Isidore Collection, an intense, bloody, and even violent paranormal story about a demon seeking revenge, and, while he's at it, a bride.

And soon, added to the paranormal side of the St. Isidore Collection will be, Sometimes Things Break: A Paranormal Time Travel Thriller.

I'm only a couple of chapters away from offering Sometimes Things Break to you.

It's the story of our favorite demon in the Suicide Forest, Tim Sheldon, who has figured out a way to escape the Forest and take over all of St. Isidore.

Remember Cheryl, Tim's first girlfriend and first kill? Well, she's assigned the task of stopping Tim and putting his army of demonic followers back where they belong, in the lowest depths of the Forest.

You won't want to miss Sometimes Things Break: A Paranormal Time Travel Thriller.

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