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Where Angels Point: A Shocking True Crime Story From the Vatican

Emanuela Orlandi, fifteen-years-old, left a music lesson on a warm evening in Rome. She told friends she would walk home. She was never to be seen again.

It's been thirty-six years since the teenage daughter of a Vatican City employee disappeared from the streets of Rome.

Some say her disappearance is linked to the plot to kill Pope John Paul II. Other conspiracy theorists say the Sicilian Mafia got her. Or maybe the K.G.B.

The Orlandi family refuses to give up.

They received an anonymous tip in 2017, leading them to two tombs inside the Vatican walls, the final resting places of two princesses who died more than a century ago.

A photo of the tombs, with the advice to look "where the angel is pointing," was just the latest tip received by the Orlandi family since June 22, 1983, the last day any of them saw Emanuela alive.

The tombs in the Vatican's Teutonic Cemetery both feature statues of angels pointing. So, it seemed that is where the tipster was leading the family.

Could Emanuela have been buried in one of those tombs?

The Vatican gave its permission to open the burial vaults, Thursday, July 11.

Inside -- nothing -- not even the bodies of the princesses.

That's the last thing Emanuela's brother, Pietro, said he expected to find.

However, a Vatican spokesman said they have discovered two sets of bones near the tombs of the 19th-century German princesses.

Alessandro Gisotti said they've also discovered two ossuaries -- boxes or chests -- used to store final remains beneath the floor of an area inside the Pontifical Teutonic College.

"These are closed by a trap door," Gisotti said.

The trap door is expected to be opened next week.

Meanwhile, the Vatican is left with a mystery to solve.

Where are the remains of Princess Carlotta Federica di Mecklemburgo and Princess Sophie Von Hohenlohe, the women whose bodies were supposed to be in those tombs?


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