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Cold Case Killer Caught, Shocking True Crime Story Solved

The last time anyone saw Kathleen Flynn alive -- September 23, 1986 -- she was walking home from Ponus Ridge Middle School in Norwalk, Connecticut.

When she didn't arrive home at the usual time, her mother, Esther, called the police and frantically searched the route back to Kathleen's school.

Early the next morning, a search party made up of police officers and neighborhood volunteers found Kathleen's body not more than 100 feet from a path near the school, the way Kathleen walked home one most days.

Nearly 33 years later, Norwalk police think they've caught the man who killed the 11-year-old girl.

Police in Maine arrested Marc Karun as he left his home June 12. He's likely to be charged with murder and kidnapping.

Karun is a convicted sex offender, convicted in four separate cases of kidnapping or sexual assault that occurred before and after Kathleen's disappearance.

Norwalk police don't have what they can claim to be conclusive DNA evidence linking Karun to Kathleen's killing.

However, "several of the cases exhibit a similar geographical profile, modus operandi and rituals to the Kathleen Flynn homicide in some form," Norwalk police Lt. Arthur Weisberger wrote in the warrant.

The MO and rituals consistent in each case are tough to write about, but here they are: each victim was disrobed below the waist, and their hands were tied.

If he's convicted, Karun will spend the rest of his days behind bars with no chance of walking free on parole.

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