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Detroit Manhunt: Serial Killer Captured?

photo by Daniel Lincoln

Maybe they've got the guy who's been killing middle-aged hookers in the Motor City!

The Detroit Police Department announced they arrested a man described as a "person of interest," June 7.

Officers found 34-year-old DeAngelo Kenneth Martin at a bus stop in the Motor City. He's known to be homeless, police say, and often hangs out on the east side of the city.

The arrest comes after three women, all in their mid-50's, all naked, and all said to be prostitutes, were found dead in abandoned homes on the city's east side.

Martin was arrested while Detroit police officers were going through one vacant building after another searching for more victims.

"We're going to find this violent, predatory criminal," Police Chief James Craig promised, June 7.

A few hours later, this officers arrested DeAngelo Kenneth Martin. Of course he should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and at the time of this writing, was not even considered a "suspect."

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