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Detroit Manhunt: Serial Killer Murdering Prostitutes

Detroit police warn Motor City hookers to watch out for a guy who picks up women, taking them to abandoned buildings, raping and killing them.

The killer, police say, seems to be going after women in their 50s.

The warning follows the three murders of women in the city, and police say the cases could be linked.

“We’re not trying to create alarm,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig says. “But we want to get this information out.”

Back in May, social media in Detroit was red-hot with rumors of a serial killer going after prostitutes, but at the time, Craig discounted the tweets and blog posts. But he says police decided to join the serial killer chorus after the discovery of a woman’s naked body in a vacant house on the east side of Detroit.

Mel Baggett, a member of Night Angels, a group that tries to end human trafficking, says the news that women working the streets are not safe shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

There are a lot of homicides that don’t make it into the newspaper,” Mel says, “(violence) happens all the time.”

She needed money. He wanted sex.

Craigslist brought them together.

Her father says she deserved better.

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